Empower Life brings a modern, new perspective to health provision in residential aged care facilities, empowering older people to make supported, informed decisions about their healthcare both in the present
and for the future.

We not only offer an experienced aged-care GP service that visits you at your aged care facility, but offer many additional services to ensure that your care is individually tailored to your health needs.  

In particular, you can elect to use our experienced consultant pharmacist who will work closely with you and your GP to regularly review your medications, minimising your risk of suffering from unwanted side effects or medication interactions. This as with all our services is completely bulk billed.



Blood Pressure Exam
Professional Medical Attendance

Our outreach medical and consultant pharmacy services provide care to you in your aged care facility. There is no need to leave your home and our services are fully bulk billed with no out of pocket costs for permanent residents under our care.

Consultant Pharmacist Service

You can choose to have our consultant pharmacist regularly collaborate with your GP to review your medications and ensure you are not suffering from any unwanted side effects or medication interactions. This is entirely bulk-billed and incurs no out of pocket fees.

Sorting Medicine
Medical Record Analysis
Comprehensive Medical Assessment

A comprehensive health assessment
forms the foundation of clinical practice in older people. Our annual assessment helps to identify your care needs and actual and potential risks, to inform care planning, decision making, treatment and care options.

Personal Care Plan Review

Every resident at an aged care facility has a personal care plan that staff follow to ensure you receive personalized, high quality care. We regularly review these care plans and add valuable medical input to help the facilities team to best manage your medical needs.

Doctor and Patient
Document with Pen
Advance Care Planning

Advance care planning is an essential part of your medical care and provides a roadmap for the management of your health for the future. We work with you and your family to develop this plan and identify your goals of care everyone looking after you can follow.

Palliative Care

An essential component of older persons health is the provision of high-quality palliative care. Our experienced team is able to provide understanding, professional advice and care to you and your family when palliative care is needed.

Holding Hands
Meeting Room
Case Conferences

A case conference is a discussion or meeting held to plan and monitor your care to ensure all your needs are met through a multidisciplinary and coordinated approach.  When medical input is required, our team participate in these meetings to help optimize your care.

Respite Care

Our GPs are available for those temporarily staying in an aged care facility when their usual GP is unable to provide medical care. GP visits are bulk billed but an out
of pocket expense is required, to cover non-medicare related services.

Seniors Socializing
Cheerful Seniors
Interim Care

We provide GP services to hospital patients who require medical care whilst temporarily placed outside the hospital in an aged care facility. This is an arrangement usually organised by your treating hospital team who will coordinate with us if this service is needed for you.




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